Mr. Joe Ravetz


Mr. Joe Ravetz is Theme Leader for the Manchester Urban Institute on foresight and innovation. He has worked on sustainable cities, environmental policy and economic development as Co-Director of the Collaboratory for Urban Resilience at the University of Manchester. From this he developed the Synergistics methods for working with ‘collective intelligence’ in urban, economic and policy systems.
His main publications include ‘City-Region 2020’, ‘Environment and City’, and ‘Deeper City: collective intelligence and the pathways from smart to wise’ (Routledge, in press).
He has advised policy (UNIDO, UN-Habitat, DG Regio, EU Parliament, BEIS, Defra etc) and is also a member of SAMI Consulting.

Joe’s current projects include global urban climate risk, inner city policy innovation, new concepts of cities and low carbon development. With experience as an architect and foresight/road-mapping practitioner, he also works as a visual thinker, systems designer and process facilitator in many countries.

Through collaborative partnerships, we work on various innovative projects to meet the ambitious goal to create a transformative change in the community by focusing on our key strategic objectives.

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