Marafi Abdel Hameed Daafalla

Team Leader, Special Projects

Growing Teams at School and Universities, Youth Engagement



Marafi is responsible for leading the processes and strategy in AYCM QA’s engagement with schools and Universities to enable effective implementation of AYCM QA’s vision and mission to engage large youth in Qatar. She is extensively engaging at various events and conferences in youth mobilization and empowerment.

In all her work, Marafi aspires to make a difference in the world and to have the slightest positive influence on the lives of those in need of it, be that in terms of direct active involvement in society through volunteerism.

Marafi is an Environmental Science Alumna from Qatar University with Environmental Science – Biotechnology and combined with dependable knowledge in policy, planning and development as minor to find the best solution for most recent environmental issues and climate change

Through collaborative partnerships, we work on various innovative projects to meet the ambitious goal to create a transformative change in the community by focusing on our key strategic objectives.

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