Neeshad Shafi

Executive Director

Leadership, Climate Negotiations, Middle East Climate Policy and Strategy.



Neeshad is the Founder and Executive Director at Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar. In this role, he manages the Strategic Management and Executive Direction of all programs and activities of AYCM QA. Neeshad works closely with the team and partners of AYCM QA to secure increased support for our initiatives in Qatar and around the world. He commits time to tell about our story and believes this is critical in understanding the importance of AYCM QA’s mission and vision.

In March 2019, Neeshad was named in the Apolitical’s List of the 100 Most Influential People in Climate Policy. He has written numerous articles on the role of youth and non-profit organizations and he is a frequent speaker at professional conferences. He sit on World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Steering Committee for Climate Action, Steering Committee Chair at CoalitionWILD and is also a founding member of the Climate Action Network (CAN) Arab World.

He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Bio-Engineering.

Through collaborative partnerships, we work on various innovative projects to meet the ambitious goal to create a transformative change in the community by focusing on our key strategic objectives.

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