Susana Fabre

Creative Director

Social Impact Consultant, Media and Communications Expert



Susana Fabre is the Creative Director and Social Impact Consultant at Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar. In her role, she focuses on the development of media and communications channels and digital campaigns with our intended local and global Outreach, as well as looking or in depth anthropological insights to adequately convey the message and aims at AYCMQA.

Susana holds a degree in Ethno history, Graphic Design and is currently in the final stages of her MA in Engaged Anthropology. In the past she has worked with several NGOs in her dual role as graphic communicator and social scientist, specializing in visual anthropology and the construction of accurately localized graphic languages for specific, or under represented populations.

Through collaborative partnerships, we work on various innovative projects to meet the ambitious goal to create a transformative change in the community by focusing on our key strategic objectives.

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